“The regulations and OFAC sanctions lists are more extensive than I thought.”


With the Visual OFAC screening solution, you’ll be able to easily check for denied parties using a comprehensive collection of the most accurate and up-to-date OFAC sanctions lists, including OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), blocked persons, Consolidated Sanctions, and sanctioned and embargoed countries lists, to name a few.

But to truly protect your organization, you need to know your customers, regardless of whether they are based in the United States, or abroad. And for that, you need to screen against more than just a few OFAC watch lists. Dozens of other lists—which are included in Visual OFAC’s database—such as the Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) and Foreign Sanctions Evaders lists—must also be checked against in order to help ensure complete OFAC compliance.

Visual OFAC’s trade content database is updated daily by our in-house staff of regulatory compliance professionals. The lists—both U.S. and International in origin—are verified for accuracy and structured for integration with business systems and screening applications.

Comprehensive OFAC Screening Lists

Visual OFAC includes a broad range of U.S. and international regulatory watch lists to select from, including parties debarred by the Department of Commerce and State (BIS and DDTC), the European Union Consolidated List, the Bank of England Consolidated List, the OFAC listing of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), lists pertaining to sanctions against Iran, Syria, Ukraine and Russia, and many others.

Flexible Deployment and Complete Integration

Visual OFAC packages robust, versatile OFAC screening tools with the most accurate and adaptable trade content resources in the world. There’s a Visual OFAC deployment customized exactly for your needs, regardless of how specific a solution you require, from instant online screening for one-time results, to batch processing for large databases, to continuous daily rescreening for regular monitoring directly in Oracle®SAP®Salesforce®NetSuite®Microsoft Dynamics®—or whatever business system, ERP, MRP and CRM your organization uses.

Our Visual OFAC trade content is also designed for complete integration capability with SAP®Oracle® and other systems, plus eCommerce and legacy software applications.

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