“It’s proactive. And that’s what our business needs: a proactive compliance program.”


In times of rationalization and cost control, allocating scarce resources becomes of particular concern, especially for IT departments.

This concern often manifests as a requirement to leverage existing infrastructure and resources to meet evolving business needs: a task made that much easier if you have the right solution partner. Visual OFAC offers integrated OFAC solutions for IT departments that can be implemented with little impact on internal resources.

Sometimes the solution is trade content: there’s no sense having great systems and using sub-standard data. Sometimes an alternate deployment mode is required. Sometimes existing capabilities just need supplementing.

Integrated OFAC solutions for IT departments

Visual OFAC solutions are proven, flexible, agile, low cost and ready-to-run with next-to-no set-up effort. Offering enterprise-class functionality, availability and performance the solutions appeal to companies seeking to support global expansion, growth or cost-reductions concurrent with the benefits of compliance assurance, enhanced customer and business value-add and security:

  • Meet new compliance requirements without incurring budget commitments
  • Replace underperforming applications or content
  • Rationalize IT or operating resources
  • Rapidly bring new acquisitions or mergers up to grade
  • Easily integrate into existing IT assets: ERP (e.g., SAP, Oracle, etc.), CRM (e.g., Salesforce), Accounting, eCommerce, Visitor Management Systems, Warehouse and Distribution Management Systems, and many, many more—even custom-built systems



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