OFAC Compliance Made Easy

If your business involves financial services, import/export or just about any international activity in goods or services, you're already aware of stringent U.S. measures governing anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions and embargoes.

The U.S. Treasury and its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) are the key agencies overseeing these measures. They maintain constantly changing lists of people and organizations that Americans must not do business with.

How do you keep track of them all?

For more than three decades, Visual OFAC has established itself as the leading screening software solution for businesses like yours.

Visual OFAC combines robust, versatile and intuitive technology with the most current, up-to-date OFAC screening lists, including Specially Designated Nationals (SDN). It's backed by our world-class service and support provided by a team of compliance experts.

Configure it for any business on any scale, from a small domestic firm to a global company with sophisticated integration requirements.

Automatically check your entire database of clients, customers and contacts on a regular basis. Or set it to run constantly in the background, monitoring every transaction and giving you alerts. Choose from a wide range of features and options.

And sleep well: Visual OFAC gives you a complete record of your due diligence should you ever face an investigation.

Here are the top five reasons companies tell us they use Visual OFAC:

1. The Most Accurate Screening Lists

Visual OFAC Dartboard

If you've tried to screen names using the existing government search tools, you know how difficult, time-consuming, and risky it is.

Visual OFAC makes it simple and straightforward, and helps eliminate human error.

Visual OFAC indexes dozens of lists and has a seasoned, skilled full-time compliance, editorial and database staff making careful and timely daily updates. This ensures our data is always reliable.

2. Clean, Easy-to-Learn Intuitive Interfaces

Visual OFAC finger touching tablet

We've regularly refined our user experience over the past decade, and our easy-to-use, economical controls and processes are unmatched in the industry.

Seamless, intuitive user interfaces are a necessity today, and the technology of Visual OFAC has always reflected that.

We stay ahead of the ever-increasing demands of both user experience and compliance scrutiny. And all of this is created and maintained in-house by our own compliance and engineering teams.

3. Flexible Deployment Options

Visual OFAC hands and laptop

However you need to implement your solution, there's a Visual OFAC deployment for you. Any of these options can stand alone or work in concert:

  • Our online application provides one-at-a-time screens for day-to-day checks as well as a suite of value-added compliance functionality.
  • Fast integrated computer-to-computer queries are fully supported, returning text or XML results.
  • One-time or ongoing bulk processing from database generated lists or spreadsheets is available in a variety of arrangements.
  • Continuous, daily rescreening can also be implemented for regular monitoring.

User profile controls and permissions systems allow you to control standards and internal data exposures on a user, division, or company basis.

4. Much More Than Just Screening

Visual OFAC utility knife

Screening names against government lists is just the beginning. As your business needs change and adapt, the way you use Visual OFAC can also evolve.

  • What about risk countries?
  • Do you want to screen against your own, internal-use lists?
  • Remote IP lookup?
  • Do you need escalation and case resolution tools?
  • Audit controls?

These functions and more are available and can be deployed from the beginning or added later.

5. World-class Service and Support

Visual OFAC customer support representative

With any Web-based service, reliability is a top concern. We have spared no expense to equip our facilities with state-of-the-art failsafe procedures. These include backup power generators and backup servers at three different physical locations across North America, as well as constant behind-the-scenes monitoring and SAS70 / SSAE16 certified processes. This, in addition to our cloud options.

We offer responsive, helpful, and friendly support from experienced system managers. And all of our staff are located right here in North America.

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