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In spite of an upturn in FCPA foreign corruption anti-bribery enforcement activities, economic and shareholder-value concerns are still expected to pressure companies to look abroad for their cost-cutting and market growth opportunities. Unfortunately, this can potentially increase the risk of an FCPA violation—inadvertent or otherwise.

Aggressive Enforcement of FCPA Anti-Bribery Violations is a ‘Sleep Well’ Risk

Civil and criminal penalties for FCPA Anti-bribery and Books and Records violations are significant:

The SEC and DOJ have become far more aggressive with FCPA violations enforcement—greatly increasing both corporate risk and regulatory pressures. The Top 10 FCPA Settlements fines add up to an eye-popping $4.6 billion.

Top 10 FCPA Settlements

Top 10 FCPA Fines as of 2018

One result of this increased and very public enforcement is a surge in companies seeking more robust and structured approaches to anti-bribery and other ‘sleep well’ risks. Many are examining their FCPA and other trade compliance programs to determine where enhancements are needed and how best to satisfy board and executive-level expectations.

Visual OFAC™ FCPA Anti-Bribery Software Solutions

Visual OFAC is a full suite of FCPA compliance software solutions including advanced online and integrated PEP screening.

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