“We chose Visual OFAC for a number of reasons. One of which was their attention to detail.”


Increased scrutiny and regulatory oversight, new and rapidly changing regulations, evolving business practices, technologies and partners, and international expansion, who today can say they have expertise in all the finer points of regulatory trade compliance asked of today’s in-house counsel?

Advising on and defending against unacceptable levels of trade risk at the pace required by business today requires agility and immediate access to facts and resources. Decisions are needed within hours or days, not weeks or months—and they need to be re-evaluated at increasingly close intervals as products and strategies evolve to meet competitive pressures.

Helping create a clear governance, risk and compliance framework, developing policies and processes, providing training, evaluating programs, standards and procedures, ensuring compliance with contractual obligations and legal and regulatory requirements, communicating and advising on potential risks and reducing exposure—all require keeping abreast of changes in the regulatory environment and business practices.

OFAC Screening Solutions for Legal Counsel

Visual OFAC helps you navigate laws, regulations and the administrative processes surrounding trade regulations—sanctioned and denied party screening, licenses, embargoes, sanctions, anti-money laundering—and more. Provide your business groups with technologies that help maximize and standardize your compliance with the laws and regulations that affect your business—OFAC sanctions and embargoes, FINCen, SOX, the Patriot Act—and mitigate risk and provide the necessary documentation in the event of inquiries or investigations.

  • Conduct Sanctioned Party and Specially Designated Nationals screening
  • Research current Federal Regulations and Sanctions concerning Export Controls
  • Determine ECCN classifications and USML categories, and exemption, exception, exclusion or licensing requirements
  • Create, store and access documentation and audit trails for internal and government due diligence protection

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