“The dynamic screening functionality of Visual OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals Screening Software has saved us a lot of time not having to manually screen our customers over and over.”


Visual OFAC offers OFAC screening services that combine robust and versatile OFAC screening tools, the most accurate SDN, blocked persons, sanctioned and embargoed countries, and other government watch list trade content, with our financial compliance expertise. This means you can offload your OFAC screening workload to our in-house staff while maintaining a full audit trail and procedural control.

Instant OFAC Screening

Through our OFAC screening services, you provide our friendly staff with the data you wish to screen in any format you choose—via phone, email, text—and we’ll screen against the most current OFAC and other government watch lists to instantly generate your results

OFAC Batch Screening

Screening large databases can be complicated. Provide us with your records—in any file format—we’ll screen them via bulk upload and then provide you with your full OFAC screening results, which can delivered in any format and customized to fit any system.

OFAC Re-screening

Re-screening ensures that your OFAC compliance program screens against the most current government watch lists available. Your results are relevant only if they’re accurate—and you can only guarantee you’re fully compliant if you can prove you’re screening against up-to-date lists

Add scheduled re-screening to your OFAC screening program, and complete your compliance coverage.

Real-time Transaction Screening

Add real-time transaction screening to any area of your organizational infrastructure: ERP, MRP, CRM, HR, e-commerce, order entry, settlements. Ensure OFAC compliance with every business process—new customer setup, order entry, vendor management, purchase orders, transaction receipt processing. SAP®, Oracle®, Salesforce®, NetSuite®, and Microsoft Dynamics® are just a small sample of the systems we can integrate with.

OFAC Compliance Audit Trail

Offload your OFAC compliance recordkeeping workload to our staff. Produce records when you need them for reporting purposes, or to prove OFAC, AML, sanctioned and embargoed country, and other financial compliance screening requirements.

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