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Depending on your business environment, your compliance needs could be completely satisfied with an online OFAC screening software solution, or you might require a full OFAC compliance suite to keep your company safe from fines and penalties.

We can help you understand the trade-offs involved with each solution, and the different levels of due diligence, risk, required resources, and technical know-how associated with each.

Whether you start with online screening of customers before you accept their orders, or with real-time integrated screening of online transactions, our OFAC compliance software solutions ensure that you don’t do business with terrorists and other sanctioned entities, or ship to embargoed countries.

Fast, secure, online screening that’s easy-to-use

Sophisticated, yet extremely easy-to-use screening algorithms and workflows keep your workload to a minimum. Simultaneous ultra-fast screening against all lists, comprehensive user settings, low false positive hit ratios, easy to read results: these are just some of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology.

Integrated solutions streamline compliance and prevent the work of duplicate screening

Our integrated OFAC screening software solutions include an API system with email alerts and a client identification system that prevents duplicate screening of secure customers.

Integration significantly reduces workload and compliance interruptions, and enhances due diligence—all without costly and resource-intensive implementation.

Client identification prevents duplicate screenings, which in turn prevents duplicate result reports, match resolutions, and audit records.

Resolution Management enhances flexibility and accountability

Many compliance programs fail to establish an efficient process for resolving the false positive and true positive matches that inevitably occur when screening against U.S. government lists.

The Visual OFAC Resolution Management module provides the tools and a structured process to guide matches through a series of security checkpoints, allowing false positives to be efficiently cleared and removed while suspiciously close matches are escalated to authorized individuals for final clearance or denial.

Audit Trails Enhance Your Due Diligence

Once positive or false positive matches have been resolved in a safe manner, it’s important to store these resolutions in an audit log. This importance stems from the fact that under U.S. government regulations, proving you screened your customers is just as important as screening them.

Visual OFAC Automated Audit Logging features document from cradle to grave each screening case, match or not, in individually detailed case files. This post-screening automation is tremendously valuable: implementation is painless, cataloging is automatic, and your level of organizational compliance rises dramatically.

A detailed, easily accessible audit log can be the difference between a successful audit and disastrous fines, penalties, and a damaged reputation.

Re-screening provides ongoing OFAC compliance assurance

Considering the frequency with which the U.S. government designates terrorists and other threats to national security, monitoring additions and amendments to the Specially Designated Nationals List is vital to due diligence processes. The safest and easiest way to monitor and action any resulting issues is with an automated re-screening service.

Depending on your business environment, the Visual OFAC Continuous Compliance module can be set to monitor daily, weekly, or on any other schedule that makes sense. Automated and non-intrusive, the Continuous Compliance process offers an unparalleled level of protection.


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