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Achieve OFAC compliance in the cloud.

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Screen OFAC watch lists with Visual OFAC

Screening each of your customers—both foreign and US-based—vendors, suppliers, visitors, transactions, and employees against the various OFAC watch lists, such as the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), Blocked Persons, Consolidated Sanctions and Sectoral Sanctions Lists one by one is neither practical nor effective; there are too many names and too many ways a mistake can happen. Moreover, if you can’t prove you screened by producing comprehensive audit trails, you haven’t done your due diligence.

Knowing your customers is critical to remaining compliant with U.S. laws. That’s why when you select Visual OFAC from Visual Compliance, a leading OFAC software provider, you’ve opted for a solution that offers the best online OFAC search management technologies and content, with plenty of easy-to-use functionality for extending, enhancing and optimizing your compliance processes with PATRIOT Act-friendly secure SAS70/SSAE16 certification. And you can get started in as little as a day!

As part of your annual subscription, online OFAC search from Visual OFAC supports your compliance efforts with regulatory update notifications and ongoing training for your staff to promote understanding of U.S. regulations and best-practice uses for your OFAC, AML and KYC compliance tools.

Sophisticated, yet extremely easy-to-use OFAC search algorithms and workflows

Simultaneous ultra-fast screening against all OFAC lists helps ensure AML, Patriot Act, and sanctioned and embargoed country compliance, among others. Comprehensive user settings, low false positive hit ratios, easy to read results—these are just some of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology.

Expedite the compliance process with constant global access

Available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, even from mobile applications, so you never have to wait for your OFAC search results.

Search dozens of Sanctioned Parties lists simultaneously

The most comprehensive screening software is now at your fingertips. We include watch lists of Specially Designated Nationals, sanctioned and embargoed countries, FCPA and PEP, FINRA, Foreign Sanctions Evaders lists—and more—from the U.S. government. We also include lists from the U.N., the EU, and other international organizations, including international terrorist lists, as well as export-specific lists and lists from law enforcement agencies.

Stay on top of new OFAC regulations, rules and notices from all agencies

Access a cumulative list of all recent Department of Treasury and other updated documents from relevant federal agencies, providing you with the most up-to-date information plus the ability to dive deep into government regulations should the need arise.

Conclusively prove due diligence in case of government investigation

A detailed, easy-to-access audit log module maintains complete transaction records, so you’ll never need to worry about demonstrating your intent to comply with OFAC and AML requirements.

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