“If there’s a hit, it gives us more information directly on the order page so we can look at it, then make a decision on what we’re seeing in real-time. The customer never knows that’s going on unless there’s an issue, and the order never stops. It’s like having an insurance policy.”


OFAC list search solutions that fit into your everyday business workflow.

These days, most companies have at least one system (ERP, MRP, CRM) for their core business processes. Systems such as SAP®Oracle®, Salesforce®, NetSuite®, and Microsoft Dynamics® are in place, often with high transaction volumes. This is the environment where an integrated OFAC compliance and sanctions list screening solution can be highly effective and efficient.

Why not enhance your company’s OFAC, AML and sanctioned and embargoed country compliance program by boosting its speed and accuracy? Help keep your organization on the right side of the law with Automated OFAC Compliance Screening on the Visual OFAC™ platform.

Our SaaS-based, OFAC enterprise-integrated solution can be seamlessly incorporated into existing processes—ensuring compliance where there’s risk, and providing deep audit trails for proving due diligence.

  • Improve your business process with seamless integration—Visual OFAC smoothly and easily integrates with your existing systems, making OFAC compliance low-cost and low-maintenance
  • Works with a wide variety of business systems—Automated OFAC Screening from Visual OFAC can be integrated with SAP®Oracle®Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics®, NetSuite®, and a wide variety of other business software, including homegrown and legacy systems.
  • Communicate directly between your systems and Visual OFAC’s servers—no intermediate steps means faster and more secure compliance, with little to no attention required from the user-side.
  • Reduce risk by eliminating human error—Automated OFAC Screening searches entries against your optimized set of government watch lists, including Specially Designated Nationals, and sanctioned and embargoed countries lists, simultaneously with no danger of mistakes creeping in from typos, omissions and other user-side lapses.
  • Screen entries faster and more accurately—entries are screened as transactions happen, with no delay and a dramatically reduced number of “false positives.”
  • Cut redundant OFAC screening to dramatically increase efficiency—entities are screened once and remembered, so there’s no need to rescreen identical entities for each new transaction.
  • Screen using the most up-to-date watch lists while getting the fewest false positives—government watch lists are updated daily and advanced search algorithms return the most relevant results, radically shrinking the time spent reviewing invalid hits.
  • Halt suspicious orders instantly—alerts are deployed immediately if a sanctioned or denied party ever attempts to do business with your company. You can take action with zero delay before any prohibited transaction takes place, while approved transactions proceed safely.
  • Prove your intent to comply—with a built-in audit trail that records all match resolution outcomes, your executives and the government can rest assured your business is doing its due diligence.

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