“Visual OFAC has helped streamline our process, increased the accuracy of our order checking, and limited our liability on the export side of our business. Integrating Visual OFAC into our system cut order entry time by 25 or 30 minutes per order. This way, everything is automatic. It’s amazing.”

Welcome to the world’s most user friendly OFAC and AML compliance software.

Visual OFAC is a screening solution that delivers robust protection to companies concerned with anti-money laundering (AML) measures, helping you comply with economic, trade, and financial (OFAC) sanctions, or those that are generally concerned about who you’re doing business with by bolstering their “Know Your Customer” (KYC) compliance.

With a comprehensive set of user-friendly and cost-effective features that help ensure you get the right fit, integrating OFAC and AML compliance seamlessly with your existing business processes and systems has never been easier. You’ll stay compliant and on top of the latest Department of Treasury and other regulatory changes without needless impact on your front- or back-office operations.

Visual OFAC minimizes the impact on your business processes with sophisticated, time-saving matching algorithms, intelligent automation workflows, robust management and audit controls, and expert-level content.

It’s the best way to effectively protect your company against doing business with individuals or companies prohibited by United States law. That’s why more and more companies are turning to Visual OFAC to help them maintain and prove Sectoral Sanctions, Blocked Persons, FINRA, country-specific sanctions and embargoes (e.g., Iran, Syria, Russia, etc.), Bank Secrecy Act, PATRIOT Act, AML, and OFAC compliance.

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