Straightforward OFAC Compliance Case Management Workflow

Working in tandem with other solutions from one of the top OFAC screening software providers in the industry, Visual OFAC's Case Management solutions support your OFAC, anti-money laundering and blocked person compliance efforts by organizing your workflow into one centralized mechanism, helping to manage screening results, determine the appropriate course of action regarding matches, minimize false positives, and enhance your OFAC compliance due diligence

While most screening results are straightforward, sometimes it's not clear exactly what action needs to be taken—if any. Visual OFAC Case Management helps your workflow stay organized by grouping your watch list screening results together in one easily—accessible location, giving you the ability to deal with them appropriately and record the results.

The way OFAC Case Management works is simple:

  • Your designated OFAC or financial compliance officer reviews screening alerts on the dedicated results page; clicking on a result shows all of the regulatory information for that positive screening result. You'll see in an instant which watch list the match came from—the Specially Designated Nationals, Blocked Person list or other—or if the destination country is under a sanction or embargo.
  • Screen views are designed for maximum ease and accuracy.
  • The compliance officer can clear the result, or flag it and escalate for further action.
  • The watch list screening end result is now captured and available for audit and process review purposes.

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