Stay Compliant by Rescreening with Automated OFAC Search and Screening

Real-time OFAC and AML compliance is more than "screen once and forget about it." To truly know your customers, and therefore be—and remain—truly compliant, OFAC screening processes should be built in to automatically screen and rescreen your entire transaction base.

Whether it's screening/rescreening on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, automated screening helps ensure no one with whom you're about to do business—or have engaged with in business previously—is on any of the constantly-changing government watch lists, such as OFAC's SDN, blocked persons, and sanctioned and embargoed countries lists, and a multitude of other U.S. and international (e.g., Canada, UK, EU, and U.N.) watch lists.

With Visual OFAC Automated Screening, you can screen customers, vendors, contacts, intermediates and others all at once against the most up-to-date government sanction lists—at any place, or multiple places, in your business workflow—then automatically rescreen them daily against changes to the lists. Visual OFAC Automated Screening is a simple process that helps extend your OFAC, AML and sanctioned country compliance capabilities by mechanizing the OFAC screening and rescreening process. It enhances your due diligence efforts by ensuring all parties to your transactions have always been checked against the most recent government watch lists.

Visual OFAC works with virtually any business system, ERP, MRP and CRM. SAP®, Oracle®, Salesforce®, NetSuite® and Microsoft Dynamics® are just a small sample of the system's we've integrated with.

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