Visual OFAC has more than 35 years of experience developing, providing, and supporting world-class compliance solutions to clients across multiple industries. All development and support is handled in-house, so you can be sure you’re dealing directly with the experts.

Use innovative and intuitive OFAC search and SDN list screening solutions to instantly receive accurate and easy-to-interpret results

Online OFAC search and SDN list Screening

The quickest way to search OFAC sanctions and get your SDN list screening program up-and-running, or fill-in the gaps in your existing program.

Batch OFAC search and SDN list Screening

The fastest, most cost-effective way to perform OFAC search screening on your entire database of contacts and assess your company’s risk.

Integrated OFAC search and SDN list Screening

Integrates with your business systems to help ensure consistent and reliable OFAC search screening.

Dynamic Screening

Daily automatic re-screening against changes made to the SDN list, OFAC sanctions, and other watch lists.

“We rely on Visual OFAC to help make sure our compliance process is as robust as it can be, including OFAC search and SDN list screening and audit logs that prove our due diligence. I’d say in general we’re a lot more confident about our overall compliance.”

Jonathan, Export Compliance Manager, Manufacturing Industry

Visual OFAC has a full suite of versatile components that fit seamlessly into your processes

Whether you need assistance with OFAC search and SDN list screening, match vetting, OFAC-program related export licenses—or all the above—we have solutions that can help. Choose the components that meet your immediate need, then bolster your compliance program down the road with our other modules. As our solutions are designed to work together, you no longer need worry that you have potential gaps when you search OFAC sanctions or screen against OFAC watch lists.