OFAC sanction list search screening is more than “search once and you’re done.”

Organizations need to screen everyone who comes into their sphere of business to ensure they are not transacting with anyone on one of OFAC’s many watch lists. And they need to re-screen them on an ongoing basis to ensure they don’t end up on a watch list in the future.

Visual OFAC

Whether it’s a need to screen one name—or dozens, hundreds, thousands or millions of records—Visual OFAC can help!

Visual OFAC Sanction List Search Software allows you to screen dozens of Sanctioned Parties lists with a simple click of a button!

Screen and re-screen individuals and organizations with whom you do business against SDN, PEP, FinCEN, FSE, and other mandatory OFAC lists such as Denied Persons, State Designated Terrorists, and many more.

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Screen online on an ongoing, “as-needed” basis, or automate the process by integrating OFAC sanction list searches into your existing business systems. Perform periodic OFAC scrubs via our bulk screening service, or choose to automatically re-screen your records daily to optimize compliance.

Regardless of which OFAC sanction list search method best meets your compliance needs, we have a solution that will help you quickly address your OFAC compliance demands today, and help you remain compliant going forward.

Learn more about the importance of OFAC compliance, and how easy it is to stay compliant
with Visual OFAC!

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Screen OFAC watch lists with Visual OFAC

Experience the Benefits of Visual OFAC

Visual Compliance Icon   Receive the most relevant results using our proprietary algorithms (reduced false positives).

Visual Compliance Icon   Screen against Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), OFAC sanctions, and related watch lists that are updated from official sources on a daily basis.

Visual Compliance Icon   Get up-and-running quickly with fast implementation.

Visual Compliance Icon   Integrate screening into multiple business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

Visual Compliance Icon   Leverage industry-leading uptime to remain compliant.

Visual Compliance Icon   Benefit from first-class training, customer support, and technical assistance.

What is an OFAC Sanction List SearchQuestions about OFAC sanction list search and the importance of OFAC compliance?

Visit our page dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions about OFAC sanction list search screening, including what it is, why organizations need to worry about screening, and who should be screened.

Why Visual OFAC?

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Visual OFAC has more than 35 years of experience developing, providing, and supporting world-class OFAC compliance solutions to clients across multiple industries. All development and support is handled in-house, so you can be sure you’re dealing directly with the experts.

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Use innovative and intuitive OFAC sanction list search screening solutions to instantly receive accurate and easy-to-interpret results

Visual OFAC Online Screening Icon

Online OFAC Sanction List Search Software

The quickest way to search OFAC sanctions and get your SDN list screening program up-and-running, or fill-in the gaps in your existing program.

Visual OFAC Bulk Processing Icon

Batch OFAC Sanction List Search Software

The fastest, most cost-effective way to perform OFAC search screening on your entire database of contacts and assess your company’s risk.

Visual OFAC Integrated Screening Icon

Integrated OFAC Sanction List Search Software

Integrates with your business systems to help ensure consistent and reliable OFAC search screening.

Visual OFAC Automated Rescreening Icon

Dynamic Screening

Daily automatic re-screening against changes made to the SDN list, OFAC sanctions, and other watch lists.

“We rely on Visual OFAC to help make sure our compliance process is as robust as it can be, including OFAC sanction list search screening and audit logs that prove our due diligence. I’d say in general we’re a lot more confident about our overall compliance.”

Jonathan, Export Compliance Manager, Manufacturing Industry

Visual OFAC has a full suite of versatile components that fit seamlessly into your processes

Whether you need assistance with OFAC sanction list search and SDN list screening, match vetting, OFAC-program related export licenses—or all the above—we have solutions that can help. Choose the components that meet your immediate need, then bolster your compliance program down the road with our other modules. All our solutions are designed to work together, helping maximize your OFAC compliance processes.

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