About Us

The Visual OFAC Management Team

eCustoms' Visual OFAC solution is backed by a strong team of OFAC compliance, technology, and business professionals who bring a deep pool of collective experience to the table.

After more than 30 years in business, we've accumulated depth, breadth and expertise spanning the spectrum from implementation planning, deployment, detailed testing, to user support, and training webinars and videos. Below, you’ll find a list of some our top people, along with summaries explaining what they add to our team.

We have been designing foreign trade and OFAC compliance software for businesses internationally since 1981—the year the PC was introduced. And since then, we've built a huge foundation of knowledge that underlies our robust, thorough, and user-friendly software solutions. We bring this collective wisdom to bear on each and every one of our client relationships, which helps guarantee that your unique needs are addressed by those who understand them. more +

Leadership Rooted In Industry Experience

  • Our leadership team melds vision with regulatory knowledge and tangible industry experience, establishing our company as a global enterprise and compliance expertise leader spanning all business sectors.

  • Harness the power of our collective expertise, knowledge, and experience. more +

Our Other Professionals

  • The Visual OFAC team includes professionals from a wide variety of fields, including finance, business and process analytics, documentation and training, international trade and customs, project management, and information technology and systems development.

Each person's expertise and skills are leveraged and integrated into our operations. This establishes 'Best Practices' and reinforces our long-standing character as an industry leader with business and compliance expertise spanning all business sectors.